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Laser Sun Damage Removal

Laser facial for sun damage & rosacea 1hr - $150

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Laser sun damage treatment for full face & neck 1hr $200

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Cynosure Elite+ Laser technology is one of the leading methods to quickly diminish the look of sun damage on the skin.  Using the principle of selective photothermolysis, laser-based treatment targets different molecules in the skin that are responsible for sun damaged skin.  The darker regions selectively absorb the laser or light energy as heat and the damaged pigmented skin is then toned and cleared by the body.

  • Am I a candidate for laser sun damage removal?  Laser therapy is for those with environmental sun damage, a red or ruddy complexion, discrete telangiectasia (dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin), uneven pigmentation and skin texture.
  • What types of skin can be treated?  Laser Sun Damage Removal is for skin types I-IV.  See the table below to find your skin type:
Skin Type            Skin Color Characteristics
I White, very fair skin; red or blonde hair; blue-green eyes; freckles Always burns, never tans
II White, fair skin; red, blonde and dark blonde hair; blue, hazel or green eyes Usually burns, tans with difficulty
III White to light brown skin; brown eyes and brown hair Sometimes mild burn, average tanning
IV Moderate brown skin; typical Mediterranean Caucasian skin; brown-black hair color; brown or black eye color. Rarely burns, tans with ease
V Dark brown skin; black hair; mid-eastern skin types; dark eye color very rarely burns, tans very easily
VI Black skin; black hair and dark eye color Never burns, tans very easily

Does Cynosure laser treatment hurt?  The Cynosure state of the art laser system contains a tissue surface-cooling device, which continuously blows cold air on the skin surface at the site of laser pulse.  This reduces the pain of the laser pulse, allowing a gentle fast treatment to the area.  The feeling of the laser treatment on the skin is often described as a small rubber band pop.

How many treatments will I need?  You will need 4-6 treatments at 3-4 week intervals.

What are the side effects?  Mild redness and inflammation may be experienced, but most patients go back to normal activities right after treatment.  Your provider can discuss side effects and post treatment expectations during consultation.

What should I avoid before treatment?  Avoid tanning beds, sun, and sunless tanning lotions for one week prior to treatment.  A broad spectrum (UV/UVB) sunscreen SPF 30 or greater should applied to the area to be treated whenever exposed to the sun.

What should I do the day of my appointment before my treatment?  Thoroughly clean the area to be treated of any make-up, creams and lotions.