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Laser Facial

LaserFACIAL (Face or Decollete) 1hr $225

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Laser FACIAL (Face, Neck & Decollete) 1hr 30 minutes  $375

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Sun-damage and rosacea are common problems facing patients. Uneven skin pigmentation and profuse facial redness plague many women and men making them very self conscious of their appearance. The LaserFACIAL gently heats the skin using the laser and results in reduced pigmentation, sealed facial vessels and collagen stimulation resulting in a smoother, more vibrant appearing skin.
The LaserFACIAL procedure, which feels like a facial massage, uses a "non contact" technique of painting the skin. The laser is continuously moved over the surface to prevent any one area from becoming too hot or causing discomfort. Patients may go back to their normal activity immediately following this LaserFACIAL.
Five sessions spaced at 2 week intervals are performed.