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Waxing is a traditional approach to longer lasting hair removal. We utilize hard and soft wax depending on the area of treatment.We offer our waxing services to both men and women. 

Do's and Don'ts: 


- Exfoliate the treatment area before your appointment 

- Hair should be at least 1/4 of an inch for proper hair removal 

- Avoid waxing while during your menstrual cycle as certain treatment areas may be more sensitive 

- You may take 1 or 2 Advil before your treatment to increase your comfort 


- Moisturize all treatment areas 

- Exfoliate at least 48 hours after treatment 

- Do not expose the treatment area to direct sun exposure for at least 24 hours 

- Topical Cortisone can be used to treat any redness and/or swellingIf you use any prescription Retin A (Tretinoin), glycolic acid, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, topical steroids, or other harsh exfoliants, please let us know before your treatment 

Basic Bikini Wax - 45 minutes - $50

Lip Wax - 15 minutes - $15

Chin Wax - 15 minutes - $15

Underarm Wax - 15 minutes - $45

Half Leg Wax (Both legs) - 1 hour - $85 

Full Leg Wax (Both Legs) - 1 hour 30 minutes - $125

Back Wax - 1 hour 30 minutes - $85