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Have Fun At Home

Posted by Ana Corbett on

Family GameTime

1. Put together a puzzle.

2. Charades

3. Pictionary

4. MadLibs

5. Board Games

6. Hide & Seek

7. Scavenger Hunt

Get Active

1. Family yoga 

2. Take a walk 

3. Have a race 

4. Create a dance 

5. Sing & dance when you clean  

Spa Day 

(alone or with the fam)

1. Take a relaxing bath

2. Drink some tea or bubbly

3. Put on some face mask

4. Paint your nails 

5. Hair Mask 

Cook With The Family

1. Cook something with the food already in your pantry & fridge: 

this website builds recipes from the food you already have

2. Pick out a recipe together & have the 

ingredients delivered

3. Have fun with desserts. Create your own 

cookies and cupcakes with fun toppings

Just Chill

1. Take a nap

2. Rent a movie

3. Binge watch a new show or an old one

4. Soak in the sun

5. Read a book

6. Journal

No matter what you decide to do with your time at home, spend it really soaking in every moment and getting back to what really matters... family.

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